Patrick Flor

I make and grow teams and software products. Contact me at git.push.origin (at) gmail

How I like to work

  1. Build, coach, and grow great teams.
  2. Help them relate to and engage with customers and users.
  3. Identify what is important to the team and to the customers, and make sure the business and product provide for both.
  4. Ensure the resulting products' concepts remain clear, useful, and generative.
  5. Manage requests and ideas via collaborative refinement and strict prioritization.
  6. Ensure the product's codebase structurally reflects the product's concepts and their interactions. High-level abstraction can and should keep users and implementors on the same page.
  7. Keep it developable: at the smaller levels of abstraction, code should be a well-organized workshop, and can't either become a museum or a mess.
  8. Adopt or build the tools that keep the codebase quick and delightful to onboard to, develop, debug, and deploy.
  9. Celebrate the results!
  10. ...and learn from and refine all of the above processes.

Less obvious: Conway's law always applies. Shepherd a growing team's and organization's communication patterns to keep the product conceptually clear and responsive to user and business needs.

What I've worked on

See my LinkedIn, and let me know if you have any questions!